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Nutritional consultations with Amanda


The Barefoot Cook In-home Kitchen Detox and Cooking Consultations ::        Shop, cook & eat with consciousness – and confidence.
Austin, Texas

Ever wish for a health-savvy fairy-godmother to flutter down into your kitchen? Someone to wave a magic wand, toss out the junk, fill the fridge with nourishing treats, and teach you how to plan & prepare meals that satisfy your spirit, your sweet tooth, your energy needs…and full-tilt lifestyle?

Bring me to your home for a radical kitchen clean-out, and a beautifully basic course in nutrient-dense cooking, a guided Farmers Market shopping trip, and practical tips to help you fall in Love with cooking, all over again – or for the very first time.

Mother Nature is rooting for you. Book a Barefoot Cook In-home Consultation.

Learn more about what a consultation means to me:

My passionate missionA typical sessionWho I want to work withHow it worksFees
  • Release old, unconscious ways of eating that are no longer serving you
  • Invite in new, loving, conscious ways of eating for your body that absolutely serve you in every way.
  • Create exciting (and realistic) seasonal menus for the week/month of your own design (with my support and inspiration).
  • Learn to prepare new dishes that delight your taste buds.
  • Learn which basic staples to have on hand that lend to quick, easy and satisfying meals.
  • Get unstuck with unhealthy patterns around eating and create new healthy habits.
  • Experience being truly nourished with food that feels and tastes good.
  • Exploring which foods are best for you and which ones to avoid.
  • Pantry and refrigerator makeover – Clean out junk food, learn how to read labels to avoid unhealthy ingredients and make way for the good food. We will also take a look at all your pots, pans, utensils, and kitchen equipment and toss any that are made with toxic ingredients or are less than quality. Teflon, here we come!
  • Shopping Trip – to local farmers market or health food store; learn how to read labels and pick out seasonal produce; learn to shop to avoid junk and buy wholesome food; learn to shop within a budget.
  • Cooking Lessons –Cook side by side with Amanda in your kitchen to learn how to prepare delicious, wholesome dishes that suit your body and tastes.
  • Receive guidance about how to develop your own creativity and intuition in the kitchen. Learn how to cook without following a recipe.
  • Receive tips on all the latest and greatest sources to find recipes, local food, farmers and online products.
I work with anyone who has a desire to drastically improve their approach to how and what they eat including…

  • People who are ready to depart from devitalized, industrialized food to fresh, wholesome, real food.
  • People who want to tap into their intuition and inner knowing about what food is actually good for them (even if doctors and scientists don’t agree).
  • People who are wanting to take a holistic approach to healing a dis-ease or specific health issue.
  • People who are ready for a complete and radical shift of their health paradigm.
  • People who are open to embracing the wisdom of their ancestors and who who want to tap the wisdom that is naturally abundant within themselves.
  • People who want to change their habits and need someone to hold them accountable.
  • Women/couples that are trying to get pregnant naturally and seek to create a healthy body for a new life to grow.
  • People that are seeking to cleanse and purify their body of toxins.
  • People who are seeking a deeper connection of where their food originates and how their choices around food impact the earth and fellow human beings

In Home Kitchen Detox

In this session, we will dive into your refrigerator, freezer and pantry and start pulling out those not so healthy items you have been calling food. I will explain what ingredients to look for and why they are unhealthy so you can avoid buying food with these ingredients in the future. Trash can, here we come! We will also check out your pots and pans, spice cabinet and household cleaners. I will let you know if these pass or if you should look into replacing these items. I will also make suggestions regarding your overall kitchen feel, lighting, placement, and smell. 

This session lasts 3 hours.                  Session price $375.


Healing Food Cooking Sessions with Amanda Love

Cook side by side with Amanda in your kitchen to learn how to prepare delicious, wholesome dishes that suit your body and tastes. Receive guidance about how to develop your own creativity and intuition in the kitchen. Learn how to cook without following a recipe. Sessions last 3 hours each and are conducted in your home.

This session lasts 3 hours.    One session $325

Package Sessions - book 3 sessions for $875 and save $100. If you purchase a package of 3, you may use your first session as your Kitchen Detox.

Contact me for more info or to book your session!

Skype or telephone sessions are also available – (long distance rates and times are negotiable). Tele-coaching allows us to work together no matter where you live and saves you time and money.

Typically I charge $325-375/session—depending on whether you choose an In Home Kitchen Detox Session or a Healing Food Cooking Session.

One time basis: If you are interested in working together outside of a package commitment, my rate is $75/hr with a 3 hour minimum.

Free 15-minute consultation: I provide anyone interested in consulting with me a free 15-minute consultation to explore our working together. To schedule your free call, please contact me through my Contact Page

Cancellation Fees – Everyone’s time is precious and it’s important to honor that. It is also important to fully commit to the journey of changing one’s diet once that decision is made. I know this because I’ve been through it myself many times. Therefore I will be charging: $75 for any cancellations that are not offered 48 hours ahead of time.