Santa Fe 3For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in a rush to slow down.

My strict prep school days taught me about discipline, starched collars & redemption.
I preferred bare feet, flowing hair & free-wheeling road trips with the sun on my face.

A study-abroad trip to Italy ruined me, completely.

I saw a different way of living, eating & loving – a gentler pace of life that made everything more vibrant, more passionate, more…delicious.

I came back to the States, promptly dropped out of college, and embarked on a soul-quest that included a bike ride from Portland to Washington D.C. (to promote sustainable transportation), a stint at a healing arts center, a flurry of activism & a thorough introduction to planet-conscious cooking in Northern California, an hour in a Redwood tree with the legendary Julia Butterfly, and the discovery of my life’s work & calling:

Bringing beautiful, simple, nourishing food to the people.

For the next several years, I traveled the nation in my VW van, feeding & educating people at ashrams, goddess gatherings, conferences, permaculture centers, prisons, and private estates. I shimmied from vegetarianism, to veganism, to raw foods diet, and eventually right back to my roots: the wholesome, comforting foods my mama used to make – with an organic, sustainable twist.

Today, I’m an Inspirational Chef-tivist + Dharma teacher for your diet who proudly promotes real cream, free-range eggs, sustainably-produced veggies, seasonal fruits, pastured meats, game & wild fish…and everything else you crave, and adore.

Through One-on-One Intuitive Nutrition Sessions, In-Home Kitchen Detox Sessions, Healing Food Cooking Empowerment Sessions, workshops, classes, and retreats, I teach families, farmers and freedom-seeking food-lovers how to reclaim the power of simple, nourishing cooking, and shift their diet paradigms – one meal at a time.

I have two nutrition schools under my belt with the credentials to back up my real food philosophy and have been honored with a Real Foods Activist Award – paired with a standing ovation – from the Weston A. Price Foundation. And my line of organic herbal tea infusions can be found on the shelves at Whole Foods in my hometown of Austin, Texas.

If you’re ready to bring consciousness back to the kitchen – and cook like Mother Nature’s coming over for supper – I can give you the recipes & roadmaps to nourish your body, for life.

Here’s to Freedom, Family, Food…and Butter.