When my daughter was first diagnosed with Ulcerated Colitis a year and a half ago, the first thing the doctor told me was that she would be on drugs for the rest of her life and when I inquired if changing her diet could be used to treat her chronic illness he told me he had never known anyone who had successfully treated ulcerated colitis with diet.

I took her prescription to People’s Pharmacy and asked them if they could recommend a nutritionist who could advise me on how to heal her colitis with diet and they referred me to Amanda Love, I called her immediately and we started working with her shortly thereafter.

Amanda recommended my daughter remove gluten, sugar and dairy from her diet and she recommended Grace go on the GAPS diet for six months to enhance her digestive healing. She did all of the above in addition to seeing a highly recommended Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal specialist, Dr. Ron Banuelos. After six months of working with both Amanda and Dr. Ron Banuelos, I am happy to report that Grace is 100% cured and without the use of pharmaceutical drugs!

I am deeply grateful to both Amanda and Dr. Ron Banuelos and I highly recommend them both!

Anne Robertson

Hi my name is Maureen and I am a self taught personal chef who believes , as you do, that we can eat our way healthy. I really like your real food philosophy and am learning how to let my intuition lead me in the kitchen. I have just recently started with fermenting foods and am enjoying the healthful pleasures they provide. I just really like your philosophy, your site and your recipes and I wanted to reach out and tell you. May you be blessed.

Maureen C.

After an appendectomy surgery and a long run with a parasite infection, Amanda’s food helped me to heal in such a rapid amount of time I was amazed. Other embarrassing and painful bowel conditions are subsiding. I only hope that in time I will go from eating to repair and rebuild to eating for maximized energy and healing potential as a healthy person. I could not be more grateful for Amanda’s help in bringing me back to life.

Amanda boils bones and fish heads to make a broth. She has found methods such as this to prepare all of her foods with the maximum amount of love and nutrition possible. Then, she uses the broth to make fish soup with lemon, ginger, and lemongrass. I don’t even like fish and she somehow makes it taste good to me. My body felt so calm and sated once the soup was digested. Oh! There’s this bread she makes that I feel I’ve waited my entire life for made with coconut oil, almonds, and other gluten-free ingredients. You simply must try her lamb meatballs, too.

All I can do is rave about the fact that Amanda makes healing food taste yummy. That is an amazing accomplishment. She is so intuitive about what I need that I just ask her to do all the work. As a sick person (who hates being a sick person) it is really nice to be able to trust someone to do that for me.

Sarah D.

Thank you for asking how I’m doing. I believe I’m doing well, I feel really good now. Hugely better than when we met. I have lots of energy and it seems easy to me to change the way I’m eating. I find I really have an appetite again. And I like eating the fish and meats. I can’t tell you what a difference not eating wheat has made to my body. It’s feels like it’s relaxed!

Mary P.

Amanda Love has definitely changed my diet and the way I think about food. I first discovered her on YouTube when I saw a video she made about the 10 worst breakfast foods you can eat. I was interested in her video because she explained how the foods I was eating were making me crash. I am law student and would always get so tired while I read. I was basically fed up with it, and wanted to learn how and what I could eat to get the most nutrients for my brain. From that video I got rid of the bagels and started introducing more fruits, veggies, and fat into my diet. I now have more energy and have lost twenty pounds.

Amanda makes nutrition easy and this is coming from a girl who used to eat basically fast food hamburgers, bagels, pizza, and pasta. She has made me realize that food can actually work for you, not against you. She has taught me the joy of delicious organic food.

Also, Amanda has taught me that eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad or take a lot of time. Yes, eating healthy does take a little more time, as I have to go to the grocery store more and prepare food, but the benefits far outweigh the extra hour I spend everyday eating food that actually provides my body with nutrients, instead of making me sluggish.

Further, by following Amanda’s simple, easy advice I am actually less hungry. I have learned that eating healthy does not mean that you will be walking around starving. In fact, it does the complete opposite. I realized that I was starving all the time and overeating, because my body was not getting the nutrients that it needed. Since I have been eating an organic diet full of veggies, fruit, meat, and everything else nutritious, I am actually far less hungry and do not get in famished states.

I would recommend Amanda Love to anyone. Her knowledge is invaluable. Her advice really is about a life change, not a flash in the pan fad diet. She really cares about people and bringing knowledge and nutritional advice into peoples’ lives that will really make a long-term difference and make the body and brain function at 100%. Amanda Love taught me about food and health, something I desperately needed after getting bogus “health” advice for years. She is amazing and has definitely changed my life. I am glad I discovered her when I was young so I have many more years of a healthy life! If you follow her advice I know your life will be forever changed too.

Deena T.

I just want to tell you that you are the most beautiful cook I’ve ever seen and I know you are going to do great in your career, keep up the great work! I’m a devoted fan! Take care and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Rami A.

It was so wonderful spending time with you on Friday! It’s so easy to be with you – talk with you. Thank you so much for your consult and also sharing the photos of Dr Price’s work. The photos made a profound difference in my heart and understanding of his work. Parts of the presentation are deeply sad, but in that are very motivating. I want to be part of your team on this mission – I feel it in the core of my being. I’m excited!

Georgy P.

Thank you so much for your help. you are truly wonderful and i appreciate your company as well! you are so great at what you do!. it was so nice to have someone sit down and help me sort through everything. i feel empowered and determined to get on the road to healing and feel better than i have ever felt before!!

Brenda D.

Hi Amanda, I learned so much yesterday with you. Thank you for your patience with me. I can’t wait to implement some of your recipes and stock my kitchen with healthier options. Last night’s dinner was deliscioso and although Jack (autistic child) refused to eat the carrots, I let him have that victory but insisted on the brown rice. With ghee and salt it was so yummy that for some reason he actually ate it! First time ever for rice. Although the rice wasn’t soaked before, I can fix that next time. Looking forward to your next visit!

Amy F.

Hello Amanda, I so enjoyed the workshop. I learned so much and it was so refreshing to spend time with like minded people. I made my raw milk kefir and the ginger mint lime kefir soda today, can’t wait to try it!

Julia M.

I felt like the workshop taught a whole foods and healthy approach to hearty soul food. I found this workshop very valuable because of the emphasis on fermented foods, like the lacto fermented sodas!!!!…Uhhhuhuhuh.. too good. The highlight of the workshop would have to have been the lunch. The combination of salads, lamb melting off the bone, fresh whipped cream and fermented foods filled the deepest yum note ever!

Corie W.

Hi Amanda, the day with you was life-changing, just like you said. Even though, it was a month ago, I still remember your ideas like it was yesterday. I would love to attend more of your classes.

Josh H.

Hi Amanda! Your workshop was so inspiring. Thank you! Although there weren’t too many things that I learned anew I enjoyed the class and learning about little pearls of wisdom here and there! It is always wonderful to learn some new things and to reiterate one’s knowledge of daily nourishment. The sources you shared with us were very helpful to me too. You have such wonderful life stories and experiences to share with your audience, – it is heart-warming and encouraging! Thank you for that!

Elena N.

I loved Amanda’s “Nourishing Foods Nutrition and Cooking Workshop”. There was so much information packed into this FULL ON weekend. For me, it was about fine-tuning. I was already familiar with many of the topics and principles, that she covered. However, there was A LOT that was still new to me. As a long time vegan & vegetarian, I plan to incorporate more animal products into my diet. Amanda did a great job explaining succinctly how animal products are crucial for human health. Besides the incredible food that was prepared, I loved tasting all of the delicious lacto-fermented beverages and learning how easy they are to make!

Nora H.

Since your workshop my daughter is regular (with her BM’s)!!!!! I have made Beet Kavas and Water Kefir drinks which she drinks twice a day. We have been eating mustard greens, Swiss chard and other greens at least three times a week. I have new eyes to make food come alive. Tasting such heart-delicious food and being among like-minded people were highlights for me as well as realizing that these food are do-able. I look forward to learning and doing more to help our family regain our health, beauty, and vitality. Thank you, Amanda. This was really an opportunity of a lifetime to meet you, others, and have such unstressed, refreshing time all the while.

Stacey S.

Amanda you are absolutely delightful! You delivered insightful and inspirational nutritional and cooking lessons in a way that left me feeling relaxed, happy, and satisfied. The food was fabulous, the location amazing, and everyone involved was warm, connected and enthusiastic. The workshops open format allowed me to learn something from everyone. I always knew to soak grains, but I never heard about letting them sprout for an additional night. The grains do seem more digestible with less cooking. The breakfast mix you made with seeds is another great idea. I also like the Caldwell’s starter culture for fermenting vegetables. I do eat fermented foods. The starter is such a fool proof way to make my own. I loved the kombucha demo…I did not know much about how it was made. All of the coconut recipes were great as they can be a substitute for dairy for my dairy free diet. Making the fermented vegetables was fun. I like hands on experience. The meals were delicious. Seeing a complete meal is always inspirational. Bone broth demo was very interesting…have not made any yet. Oh and I must not forget the delicious nut butter and oven dried nuts.

Teresa D.

Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for sharing your many gifts and knowledge of food and nutrition with me on my healing journey. Not only have I felt extremely supported, but I also have been given tangible tools, recipes and a more in depth and holistic understanding of food/nutrition, which I integrate into my daily life.

Oh, and… I love, love, love your tea. I find it soothing and refreshing. And, as far as taste, well, it’s my favorite tea. Every time I drink it, either hot or cold, I want more!

Lily A.