Amanda Love’s 3 Month Signature Wellness Program

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Are you confused about what to eat? Are you overwhelmed with information? Can’t make heads or tails of conflicting dietary advice?  Look no further! For 20 years, I have helped people make sense out of what to eat and come to a harmonious relationship with food. I offer 2 ways you can work with me. You can either sign up for my 3 Month Signature Wellness Program or you can work with me One Session at a Time. Read below for more details. 

Amanda Love’s 3 Month Signature Wellness Program 

What’s Included?

6 In Person or Phone/Skype Sessions

Customized Nutrition and Wellness Plan

1 Season of Seasonal Menu Plans

Real Food Diet Guide

Pantry Detox Support

Kitchen Essentials Guide

Identifying Your Food Signature

Intuitive Eating

Customized Movement Plan

Personalized Supplement Protocol (not included)

Lab Testing – Optional (test costs not included)

Food Sensitivity Identification

Email and Phone Support

Includes Introductory Consultation at reduced rate of $125.00 + 5 (1 Hour) Follow Ups at reduced rate of $75.00 each = $375.00

Total $500.00 (Save $300 with 3 Month Signature Wellness Program)

After you complete my 3 Month Signature Wellness Program, there is an option to continue our work together in my Advanced 3 Month Signature Wellness Program


Work with me One Session at a Time:

$175 1st Time Introductory Consultation (1.5 – 2 hours session) 


$125 Follow Ups (1 Hour)

($175 1st Time Consult + 5 followups @ $125 x 5) = $800 

Save $300.00 with 3 Month Signature Wellness Program


$99 Maintenance Plan – includes 1 session/month + email and phone support (available for purchase after completing my 3 Month Signature Wellness Program).

Add On Support: 

(These are additional services I offer to support you on your wellness journey)

In Home Kitchen Detox

Conscious Cooking Lessons


My Office Location:

2525 Wallingwood Dr, Bldg 7, Suite C, Austin, TX 78746

Consultations can be held at my office location in Austin, TX or over the Phone or Skype. 

In order to work with me, I want to make sure we are a good fit. Please contact me to schedule a free 15 minute complimentary phone call.


We often lose touch with ourselves due to the enveloping chaos of life, and as a consequence, the sacred bridge between our mind and body is washed way in a torrent of stress and unhealthy choices brought on by our disconnected daily routines. 

 When I first arrived in Amanda’s room of serenity and warmth, amid a terrible time of fear and loss, I felt something I had not felt in a long time, peace. And it was with this great exhale of my heart, as she and I worked together to find my way back to balance, wholesomeness and understanding, that I felt my body return back to me.  After years of battling severe gut issues, ongoing anxiety, grief and hormonal imbalances, she steered me towards the waters of vitality and well-being.  

I swear by her Nourishing Cleanse, which I have done three times, and will continue to do the Cleanse throughout my life. Each experience with the Cleanse has taught and instilled the importance of taking pause and breath between feeding our tired old souls.  Armed with her armada of delicious soups and broths, I have come a long way down this road of wellbeing and unity. 

If you are seeking true relief amid the madness of life, you have arrived at Amanda Love’s.    Laila Al-yafi  Austin, TX

About Me:

As a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant & Real Food Chef of 19 years, I am not only experienced, but qualified to offer you the support you need to take your relationship with food and how you nourish yourself to the next level. I have a deep understanding and experience of the following diets: Weston A. Price, The GAPS Diet (Gut and Psychology Diet), SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) Diet, Paleo Diet, Perfect Health Diet, Body Ecology Diet, Ayurveda, Blood Type Diet, Raw Foods Diet, as well as the Vegan and Vegetarian Diets. While many practitioners are married to one of these specific diets, I borrow from the best of all of these diets to help you customize what works for you and your unique bio-individuality. And maybe it isn’t just one diet but instead tapping into the gems of a few of them and getting real about what your body wants and needs to thrive.

Learn More About What to Expect From a Session:

  • Release old, unconscious ways of eating that are no longer serving you
  • Invite in new, loving, conscious ways of eating for your body that absolutely serve you in every way
  • Get unstuck with unhealthy patterns around eating and create new healthy habits

Who I love to work with:

  • People who are ready to depart from devitalized, industrialized food to fresh, wholesome, real food
  • People who want to tap into their intuition and inner knowing about what food is actually good for them (even if doctors and scientists don’t agree)
  • People who are wanting to take a holistic approach to healing a dis-ease or specific health issue
  • People who are ready for a complete and radical shift of their health paradigm
  • People who are open to embracing the wisdom of their ancestors and want to tap the wisdom that is naturally abundant within themselves
  • People who want to change their habits and need someone to hold them accountable
  • Women/couples that are trying to get pregnant naturally and seek to create a healthy body for a new life to grow
  • People that are seeking to cleanse and purify their body of toxins
  • People who are seeking a deeper connection of where their food originates and how their choices around food impact the earth and fellow human beings

Do you feel the call to work together? Please get in touch with me.