The Nourishing Cleanse by Amanda Love


The Nourishing Cleanse is a simple, gentle, 10-day detox program you can make your own. Created by Real Foods chef and nutrition consultant Amanda Love, The Nourishing Cleanse emphasizes very healing foods that naturally detoxify & rejuvenate the body, mind & spirit.

Safe for everyone, it is easily adapted for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike. It is gluten free and dairy free. It is also Weston A. Price, GAPS, SCD, BED, and Paleo friendly.

This 80-page (.pdf) guidebook includes complete instructions, inspiration, and easy recipes for the delicious, nutrient-rich foods you will enjoy on this healing journey.

Give yourself the gift of The Nourishing Cleanse!

Product Description

Cleanses have gotten a bad rap.

Somewhere along the way, cleanses became harsh, extreme endeavors. “Eat only raw fruit! Drink only juice! Spend a month chugging water with Cayenne pepper!” These approaches are expensive, often dangerous, and built on faulty nutrition. Why treat your body like it is “trashed” and needs to be scrubbed? Instead, feast on easy, nutrient-dense foods. Your body will sigh with relief as it has the resources to do what it is meant to: heal itself.

I know what I’m talking about. I spent years trying the various fad cleanses—including a particularly insane raw rice diet!–and each time felt deprived and miserable. The worse I felt, the more I searched for a better approach. Of course, the answer was simple: the body can’t heal itself when it is deprived of real, balanced foods. (Or when it is treated like an enemy!) I learned this lesson first-hand, the hard way. So I decided to re-write the book on “cleansing.”

My ten-day, hands-on Nourishing Cleanse is a result of my fifteen-year study of nutrition and healing. I use it myself, and prescribe it for many of my clients, regardless how ill they are. It is safe and healing for everyone. After ten days on my Nourishing Cleanse, you will emerge a calmer, more grounded, better-nourished person.

How is my Nourishing Cleanse different?

My Nourishing Cleanse works with your body, treating it as an ally, not an enemy. I see no virtue in deprivation: my cleanse will leave you feeling satiated, nourished, and light. Most importantly, the meal plan supports healthy blood sugar, which, in turn, will regulate hormones, sleep, inflammation, and scores of other body processes. (Most other cleanses, by contrast, spike and plummet your blood sugar, which can create or worsen health issues.) All of your nutritional needs will be met while you give your body the rest it needs to slough off years of toxins.

Best of all, it’s gentle and safe. Because it requires no starvation or dogma, The Nourishing Cleanse is designed to support everyone—even people who suffer from a specific illness or are in a poor state of health. It can also be modified for vegetarians or meat-eaters, and includes no gluten, dairy, or sugar.

My nourishing cleanse is a one-two punch: detoxify the accumulated “junk” in the body, while healing past damage. Ten days can re-set the clock on chronic inflammation, and give your body a chance to rest and restore any areas that need help. Your body knows what to do; my cleanse gives it the resources to get to work.

How It Works

My ten-day plan is flexible and easy to integrate into your daily life. It includes complete instructions for following The Nourishing Cleanse, plus all the recipes for the delicious, easy-to-prepare broths, soups, juices, and other foods you’ll enjoy. (There’s even a grocery list to help you shop for recommended foods and kitchen staples.) It is the culmination of my 15-year experience with nutrition and healing, and I designed it to be easy to implement—no matter your lifestyle or busy schedule.

I use this cleanse for many of my clients, from the critically ill to the healthy. It soothes and heals every body. The Nourishing Cleanse can also:

  • Skyrocket energy levels, vitality and health
  • Rid your body of years’ (or decades’) worth of old toxins and impurities
  • Leave you feeling cleansed and renewed
  • Create better digestion, clearer thinking, and emotional well-being
  • Reduce inflammation, allergies, aches and pains
  • Improve Candida symptoms
  • Entice you back into the kitchen to prepare the broths, soups, juices and cultured foods– The Nourishing Cleanse is hands-on!

“Give a man a fish” vs. “Teach a man to fish.”

Unlike other cleanses, my approach is centered on educating you, so you can take control of your health. I provide all of the inspiration, resources, recipes and support, while you learn nourishing recipes and develop the skills to cleanse and heal your body. This knowledge and inspiration is yours to keep: pay $79 once, and you can cleanse as many times as you want for years to come. It’s an investment in your nutritional savvy, too! Compared to harsher cleanse plans, this is an absolute bargain.

In our increasingly toxic world, cleansing provides a healing respite. Take a ten-day break from your old food patterns and emerge inspired, healed, and re-energized. Can you really afford not to cleanse?

Now is the time to feel better than ever. 


“I wanted to let you know that I am on Day 9 of the cleanse and I feel GREAT! Honestly, I am not sure what to attribute it to since my diet isn’t that drastically different. The main big changes are no nuts, no coffee, no goat kefir, and no handful of Beanitos with my son when he has some. :) Maybe it is having a healthier liver from all the liver support? Maybe it is rebalancing my gut? Whatever it is, I am much more alert, energetic, and upbeat. Kind of makes me want to keep this up!”

—Sandi M., Austin TX

““I really enjoyed the cleanse, and I got into making vegetable/chicken soups and bone broths, which I still do. It was a great way to introduce those things and your interactions were very helpful. We had a few days when we felt like we couldn’t put a sentence together (lots of brain fog) and the first few days we both had mild headaches. Then I had incredible energy. Overall, it was a great experience. Thank you”

—Barbara R., Eugene, OR


  1. M. K.


    Amanda, your cleanse is the Real Deal!!!
    Completed the 10 day and have felt SO wonderful that I have incorporated many parts of the cleanse such as juicing, making broth/soups and eating fermented vegetables into my daily routine. It takes an effort to get organized but well worth it. I’m on my way to developing healthier ways of eating because of this cleanse. Everything about it makes sense and resinates with me. I’ve lost four pounds in all the right places and my skin is radiant. The compliments just keep coming. It seems like my metabolism has improved, too. Your workshop was inspiring and helped motivate me in the right direction. Thank you so much!
    M. K. Dallas, Texas

  2. Laurin Remphrey



    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and watching your cooking demonstration.. I bought a juicer the day after and started the ten day cleanse. It was easy and I never felt hungry. I also lost 6 pounds ! I look forward to your newsletter and trying some recipes from your website.
    Thanks again!
    Laurin Remphrey

  3. Dara Merin


    “This cleanse is nourishing indeed and probably the shortest, straightest path to improved digestion, whatever your current situation. Following Amanda’s simple and wise guidelines for ten short days is highly recommended for anyone with digestive issues. Broth is magic!”

    Dara Merin, Oakland, California

  4. Alexandra Northup


    Just wanted to let you know how the cleanse went for me. It felt great, mostly! It was a little hard the first couple days adjusting to no coffee and sugars, but after that I felt great, more energy, my digestion felt good- no bloating or gas or diarrhea which I had been having occasionally, and I started sleeping better as well and feeling more clarity in general about my life again. I enjoyed the broths and soups and I think I may continue to make the chicken and beef soup and bone broths and eat for breakfast and meals during the week as a go to. My blood sugar felt really stable starting the day that way. I also had way less symptoms of pms and cramping this month with my period, which I feel was partly or mostly due to the cleanse along with some herbs I have been taking. So thank you for all of the information, and I’m really glad I found this when I did I sure needed it!

    Alexandra Northup

  5. Jane D.


    Your recipes in the cleanse are amazing. I have made all of them with the exception of two…loved everyone of them. Not only are the recipes delicious for a cleanse but I continue to incorporate them in our weekly meals. I like to make the full recipe and then freeze the rest for other times. The information you provided was easy to follow and very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with me.

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