Beyond Organic

Amanda Love, The Barefoot Cook, recommends Beyond Organic Products
Sourcing organic, quality food is not always possible in this day and age. It is so valuable to be able to click a button and order food online whether you are at home with little ones, recovering from an illness, elderly or simply don’t have good food in your area.  Many people live in “food deserts” where good food is very hard to come by. Much of the food grown in the US is not actually food, but instead commodity crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton. Until our land is returned to growing actual food for the people, it is important to know of online sources that can provide you with quality trusted food.

Beyond Organic is a company created by Jordan Rubin, a high integrity health educator who healed himself of severe health problems. Much of the food comes from his own farm. Beyond Organic is a great source for high quality grassfed meat, fermented dairy, healthy snacks, skin care products and much more. I eat these products myself and fully endorse this company. Purchasing from My Beyond Organic website supports the running of this website.

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Beyond Organic offers a message of health and hope. However, you must commit to changing your diet.  At Beyond Organic, 100% of the products are nutrient-dense and maintain complete integrity for your optimum health. They are delicious and nutritious – so it’s a change in your diet you can easily enjoy. They get shipped right to your front door and are better quality that what you can find out there, even in most health food stores. Check out these products. I love them and recommend them!