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I have been having some great adventures this summer and I hope you have too!

A couple of weeks ago I had a birthday and made one of my favorite desserts, my famous Key Lime Pie. I love this refreshing dessert and never seem to get tired of it. This dessert is so good, it has gotten me jobs. I also served it at the Weston Price conference in Chicago in 2009. Check out the recipe below.

I also went deep sea fishing on the Atlantic. It was an amazing day and I learned so much about the ocean – mostly that we don’t have a lot of fish left and that there are a ton of sharks out there! I caught 2 sharks without trying (who both bit the line and escaped) and a snapper. What I thought might be a 3 hour fishing expedition turned out to be an 11 hour day. Needless to say, I had wobbly legs for hours after I got off the boat. I was humbled by the wisdom these men had about the ocean. They knew which fish have disappeared completely and which ones disappeared after the gulf oil spill and which fish are still going strong. Captain Paul, Bobby and Billy, thanks for a day I will never forget. These guys were my fishing mentors and were great sports while I learned to fish.

Jen and I are busy at work creating my next latest and greatest project, my Seasonal Menu Planning Service. In trying to create this, we have been pondering what people really want and would find useful in a menu planning service. Please fill out this very short survey and you will be entered to win a free Paderno Vegetable Slicer, or what I call, my spiralizer. It is such an awesome tool that will help you to make all kinds of great veggie noodles. I use mine all the time!

Till soon,
Amanda Love

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