The Barefoot Cook Radical Chef-tivist Training :: Your passion. My wisdom. The fulfilling career of your dreams.

You’re a kitchen crusader.
A rising nutritional star.
You’ve got wisdom (and recipes) to share.
And you’re just getting started.

I’ve built a successful mini-empire as an independent nutritional counselor & educator, personal chef & traveling cook – and I can help you turn your passion for nourishing food & holistic health into a world-rocking career.


Create a new career by empowering others to improve their health and feel rewarded and fulfilled knowing you helped someone change their life.

With 15 years of experience, I’ll show you how to perform a radical kitchen clean-out – helping your clients clear out the junk food, remove chemical cleaners, toss toxic cookware, and alleviate electromagnetic pollution and inflammatory allergens. I have helped people recover naturally from disease by teaching them how to cut toxins out of their diet and household.


Monday, June 2 – Wednesday, June 4, 2013


In the Hill Country just outside of Austin, Texas




At the end of the training you will have the knowledge and confidence to perform kitchen detoxes, including fridge, freezer, pantry, spices, oils, cookware, storageware, household cleaners, lighting, air quality, water quality, and make kitchen space sing with feng shui, love and good energy.

3 Day Training Includes

  • Done-for-you materials that will arm you with the information – educational articles, client handouts, checklists, safety protocols, list of major kitchen health offenders

  • Learn the art of the client consultation- how to interview the client, assess and prioritize needs while holding a compassionate space for them to take their health to the next level

  • Master your way around the kitchen- how to detox the fridge/freezer/pantry with your client, explanations of why the products are detrimental to health, suggestions for a new way to eat focusing on nutrient-dense foods

  • Shadow Amanda as she performs a live In-Home Detox

  • Build your business- how to successfully model, market and advertise your new career

 Only 8 spots available.  Apply for the Summer 2013 In-Home Kitchen Detox Consultant Training program, (contact me for details).

Cook with Love. Change the world.


Future Trainings

We’ll roll up our sleeves and explore nutrient-dense cooking – the classic meals your clients will love (and pay) you for.

And then, we’ll talk about meal-crafting for the masses – cooking for groups of 100 or more, and the nuts & bolts of setting up your own home-delivery meal service, catering company or community kitchen.