John of God – Trip of a Lifetime to Brazil

I just returned from one of the most amazing trips of my life to see the miracle healer, John of God, in Abadiania, Brazil. I had heard of John of God for years but never really had a reason to go see him being that I have no major physical issues or illnesses to require such a journey. Recently his name kept coming up in my life and when my partner decided to go for his own physical healing, I wanted to offer my support.

The town where John of God does his healing is very remote and basically in the middle of nowhere. It is not exactly a tourist destination. When I arrived, I wondered what the heck I was going to do for the 2 weeks while I was there. I soon found my hangout, Fruitie’s, the coolest cafe in town where you can get the best smoothies of your life as well as fresh Acai puddings and Passion Fruit Iced Teas. I was in heaven. This is pretty much where everyone hangs out when not at the Casa – the place where you see John of God.

Room of canes, wheel chairs and leg braces no longer needed after John of God healing

Room of canes, wheel chairs and leg braces no longer needed after John of God healing

Millions of people have visited John of God over the last 50 years to receive healing. Many have been healed of life threatening illnesses such as cancer, MS, Parkinson’s as well as paralysis, mental disorders and much more. I was skeptical but could not help but be curious after hearing so many healing stories. The beautiful thing about being in Abadiania is that people of all faiths from all over the world come for one purpose – to heal. There were many folks, young and old alike, in wheel chairs, walking with canes or with obvious diseases or ailments as well as many people that looked completely normal and healthy that were there for more of a spiritual purpose – to heal internal negative thought patterns or ways of being that did not serve their highest good.



As I approached the day when I would go before John of God, I pondered what I would ask healing for. I wanted to feel something tangible happening so I asked for healing of my lower back pain which I have had for the last 15 years after a cross country bicycling trip. I had tried everything to get rid of this pain and spent thousands of dollars and many hours trying to relieve it. I had pretty much surrendered to the fact that I would live with this pain forever. Yes, back pain, definitely ask to have the back pain relieved. What else? What about sadness, anger, impatience – all the emotions that affect my well being maybe not on a daily basis, but still somewhat regularly in my life. And my liver and gallbladder – probably the areas of my body that I have had to give the most attention to keep well. It would be nice if they didn’t need quite so much work. There it was – my healing requests.

Brilliant Brazilian sunset

Brilliant Brazilian sunset

The day came when I went before John of God and gave him the piece of paper with my top 3 healing requests. I went thru the line to see him, he took my hand for a moment, looked into my soul it felt like and off I went – whisked off to another room to sit and pray and think about my requests. The next day came when I was to have my “surgery”. This is actually an invisible surgery where you go into a room with many other hopeful people who are there for healing, place your hand on the part of your body where you want healing, sit quietly and pray. I placed my hand on my lower back. The “surgery” lasted for about 2 minutes and then we were told to go back to our room and rest and not to open our eyes for 24 hours. This is very difficult, by the way. I did as told though and awoke the next morning to find a 2 inch incision scar on my lower back. I couldn’t believe it! I also discovered that my back pain of 15 years was gone! I was so excited and somewhat in a state of shock. I had done nothing but asked for this pain to be healed and overnight after this supposed surgery, not only did I have a incision scar just as if I had had a real surgery, but my pain was gone.

Recycling cart - If they can do, we can too.

Recycling cart – If they can do, we can too.

The next week more magic unfolded as I felt a weight of all the sadness, anger, irritation, impatience and other negative feelings I had been storing in my body for years lift. I realized these were emotions that had been stuffed and not just stuffed as a figure of speech, but literally stuffed into my lower back. As my back pain was cleared, the emotions also cleared. They came out in the process though and this was challenging. I had a lot of anger arise but allowed myself just to feel it. Other emotions arose and I compassionately sat with them too. I knew these were all the emotions I had never felt, never held, finally surfacing and releasing. Some felt very old, like they had been there since childhood.

I have long believed in the connection between emotions and physical health but realized this connection at a much deeper level in Brazil. My experience showed me first hand how unfelt emotions can get stuck in the body and create dis-ease. It had happened to me – a health practitioner, a nutritionist, a natural food chef, a yoga teacher, an organic, natural living person of many years that does a lot of inner and outer work to keep myself balanced and healthy.

One of the many beautiful flowers around town

One of the many beautiful flowers around town

This was basically the experience of many people there – they were working on the spiritual, emotional, mental layers to heal the physical. Sometimes in that order and sometimes the other way around. The beautiful thing about going to John of God is that miracles can happen and happen quickly. As I said, I had been working on healing my lower back pain for years and all the things associated with it but for some reason everything accelerated and my prayers were heard when I went to Abadiania. John of God and the healing spirits heard my pleas and did their part to bring about my healing.

Now I sit here back in Austin without back pain. I still touch my back for that familiar pain and smile in gratitude for not only the physical pain that was removed but also the energetic and emotional clearing of emotions that have been stuffed inside of me for who knows how long. I feel lighter, happier and not so bogged down by my long “to do list”, ever-over flowing email inbox and many, oh many things to do.

Taking a walk on the red dirt road

Taking a walk on the red dirt road

The last day I was at the Casa, I was speaking to a film maker before I was about to be interviewed to be in his documentary. As we were walking to find a good spot for me to share my story, I asked him if he was there just to film or to ask for any healing himself. He replied that he didn’t think he had anything that needed to be healed. I remember thinking, ‘everyone needs healing’. Even if you don’t think you need healing, we all have experienced so many little (if not big) woundings (or perceived woundings) in our lives. If you don’t tend to these woundings and deal with them, it seems your body may manifest a way to deal with them sooner or later.

This trip was a challenging one but also one of the most beautiful heart opening experiences of my life. It required me to really do the inner work, look within and see the parts of me that have been holding myself back from living the most amazing life imaginable. Returning to my life back home, I feel inspired to slow down and take more time to be with old unfelt hard to feel emotions and compassionately sit with challenging new ones that arise. This feels just as important as building my business, exercising, and eating right. Thank you, John of God, for helping facilitate healing for my body, spirit and soul and for reminding me of the vital importance to take care of my spirit. I am forever grateful.

Blessings and love, Amanda Love


  1. Lily says

    Exquisite, inspiring and loving—You and what you have shared. I am filled with joy and gratitude having read your words and felt your precious heart. Thank you, dear friend/Sista’. 🙂 Much Love and peace.

  2. Dismal Sandlin says

    Mandy, this is your Aunt Dianna. Reading about your trip, was so uplifting. I am so thrilled, that you no longer suffer, from lower back pain! I had back surgery, in 2007. I had a terrible recovery. Two weeks later, I had a staph infection, which required me, to wear a wound pump, for a solid year. Pure torture. I suffer chronic back pain. have have a pain stimulator, implanted, in my back. Helps some, but still am useim

    • Amanda says

      Dear Aunt Dianna, I am so happy to hear from you and also so sad to hear about all of your back pain. It seems sometimes pain is more than we think it is. I certainly discovered that in Brazil. You may want to consider going to see John of God. If you want more info, I would be happy to talk to you about it. Just email me. We should talk soon. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment. Amanda

  3. says

    Your story was forwarded to me from Kris Martin in Reno. My wife and I were with Johnof God last year, my son followed , and we now have two crystal beds in our center.
    Great to hear another wonderful story !Best regards, David,

    • Amanda says

      Thanks for your comment, David. Ahhh, those crystal beds. They were pretty awesome. Yes, I feel blessed that I was able to make this powerful trip.

  4. says

    What a great Adventure Amanda Love…thank you for sharing it. It sounds so beautiful and inspiring…and what great photos. I was thinking of you there in Brazil while I was nearby in Argentina. I look forward to catching up with you some time soon. Abrazos, Peterg

  5. Alain says

    Thank you Amanda for sharing your amazing healing experience with the rest of us. Welcome back home. Alain

  6. Joan Norton says

    What a beautiful account. I am so glad your pain is gone. You taught me alot at the Nourishing Cleanse workshop. I appreciate learning more at your website, too.

  7. Kate K says

    Such a fantastic story! Well written. I’ve read many over the years since first hearing of John of God in grad school early 2000ish.
    Amanda, I personally am in a power chair and have had various conditions I could imagine making this tri for, but can’t imagine the accessibility and getting around or accommodations there with a 300 lb wheelchair? Though I know people go?! Would Love your input.

    Also love that you shared such a private and life changing event!!

    • Amanda Love says

      Hi Kate! Thank you so much for commenting on this post. I am glad you were touched by it. All kinds of people go to John of God. And many that are in very bad shape that can’t even walk, talk or operate on their own. What I would suggest if you feel inspired to go is to get a guide. There are many guides and you can search for them online. A good guide can really help show you the ropes and take care of you while you are there. I don’t know of any to recommend, but if you do decide to go, let me know and I will give you any information I can.

      Take care and best of luck to you!!

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